Thursday, April 26, 2012

I will be graduating in a matter of weeks. I'm both excited and terrified. It's time for a new chapter of my life, and I find myself wondering what lies ahead. Jobs, finding my own place; all terrifying. 

At least one thing will remain constant, no matter what. And that would be the SCA, my rock and small joy. I'm slowly starting to get a kit together so I can start up combat archery; an awesome friend of mine just gave me a set of demi-gauntlets last night (btw, THANK YOU again Ragna!), so I officially have....two pieces. Hmm. I have a lot yet to get, but eventually I'll get it. I'm still working on embroidery and illumination when I get the chance, and my sewing pile is getting larger instead of smaller. Sadly, a lot of my sewing will have to wait till after graduation; since that's a wee bit more important than trying to finish my new doublet (which is still a blueprint)

In the mildly depressing part of the news, my boy friend and I have decided to take a break from dating. It was mainly my idea: I'm stressed out beyond all comprehension for various reasons (stay tuned for that rant, it's coming up next) and felt that I needed time to get my head on straight again. 

And now for the not so happy part of this blog:

For anyone who cares to know the truth, I am not a "male-attention seeking whore" and (news flash) I despise drama so why on Earth would I create drama to "just be the center of attention". In case it has escaped your notice, I actually am quite a loner by nature and don't need a lot of social interaction in order to survive. I have my close friends and family and that's all I need. So, who ever is saying this crap, I ask you to please stop. I really don't need the stress that your stupid rumors are causing; school and my adult life cause enough of that. K thanks bye.

Sorry, had to get that out. If you haven't guessed already, I've recently discovered that apparently "people" can't wait for me to graduate so I'll take all the drama away. Also, apparently I've caused "rifts" in the club that we're all in and I'm apparently a whore who just wants male attention and apparently I create drama just so I can be the center of attention. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I despise drama more then politics (which is saying something), 90% of the above makes no sense what so ever. Plus, if anything, in regards to the rift thing, I've tried to keep drama OUT of the club. Granted, I've failed on a few occasions, but hey I'm only human.

As for being a "male attention seeking whore,"come on people really? Seriously? Again, anyone who truly knows me knows that I'm a loner by nature. So, if I'm a loner, how the hell does that make me an attention seeker of any kind? I don't need much social interaction to survive, unlike the majority of society; I'm perfectly content being alone, without male or female company, for extended periods of time. After which, I will emerge and get my dose of social interaction and repeat the process.

And as for people "not waiting till I graduate and leave": I hate to break it to whoever is saying that, but I'm not leaving after graduation. Considering I only live about an hour away, I'll be appearing back here on campus to help out with things and attend practices when I can. I have no idea who is saying this one, but I wish I did.

Apparently my morals are also in question lately, which also makes me more then a little torked. Anyone who cares to question them is more then welcome to question them to my face, instead of questioning them behind my back and spreading false truths.

There are more rumors I could rant about, but I am finding it hard to. Rumors drive me insane; they are pointless, retarded and childish. People who spread rumors seriously need to question their own maturity. I thought we were all adults here on campus and that we had all gotten out of middle school some time ago? Apparently not. So, the last thing I will say on the matter is: If you have a problem with me, my choices, or anything about me in general, how about coming and telling me in person? And for those who just assume that the rumors are true, how about coming to me and asking me for the truth, hmm? Wouldn't that be nice?

I promise I'm done ranting now... for now. If I've offended anyone, I'm sorry. But I needed to get this out before I quite literally went insane. Till next time: Ta.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fencing Musters and Fun Times

Well, today was a fencing muster here at Silva Vulcani. A lot of our good friends showed up for the event and everyone, including the main crew, had a blast. Mainly the focus, after lunch, was practicing for Pennsic in August; which is always good to do.

Single fights were fun, though I missed most of that time since I was inspecting peoples' armor and weapons for a good long while. But I managed to get a few in and got my rear handed to me a good many times. But it was still fun. Pennsic training was also fun; since, you know, fencers can make training fun cause we're that awesome. Dan and I managed to make a kick-ass team during Paranoia all three times, though the one time it came down to the two of us and he one.

In six months I may or may not have some exciting news to report, but until then you'll have to stay tuned since I'm not telling you ANYTHING until the right time :P And, for the record, it's fencing related so get your minds out of the gutter.

According to all but one person (who shall remain nameless), I seem to have improved a lot. I'll have to take their word for it, since it seems I'm still getting my arse kicked 99% of the time. I was given pointers on what to work on and my strengths pointed out, so I have things to work on. Apparently I'm super fast (coulda fooled me!) and got complemented on that skill.

Now I'm exhausted, but still kinda wired from adrenaline. My feet and...well the rest of me in general hurts and I'm finding that I really don't want to leave my chair after I'm done typing this. But the shower is calling my name and so is the Xbox, so I'll end this here and answer the siren's call. =p Till next time, Tootles!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Anything is Possible

Apparently so. I'm still in a mild state of shock, but it's finally sinking in. Maybe I should explain, though I'm fairly certain most of you already know about this.

Yesterday was a SCA event, the Baronial 12th Night Celebration to be exact. It was a fun day all around. I got to see my awesome friends who I haven't seen in awhile and had a ton of fun watching the Majesties' son, Travis. I was completely  EXHAUSTED by the time evening court rolled around, considering the wee lad wouldn't eat ANYTHING except grapes and candy canes no matter how hard I tried to convince him that chicken in fact does taste good. He was a little ball of energy all day and was permanently attached to my hip. Which was fine, until court time rolled around and I had to give him back. He didn't like that too awful much.

Northern Cross
In the afternoon my friends and I petitioned to join the household of Northern Cross. They are an awesome group and are truly like a giant family. Sadly, my sponsor wasn't able to be at the event, but I'm sure that I'll see him at some point soon. We are... I'm not quite sure what our official title is, but we have a year until we are full members. At least that's what I think is going on. Regardless, I'm very happy that they accepted us into the family. And I can't wait to fight with them at Pennsic, which is going to be TOTALLY different this year. More on that in a moment. We were told to tell a little bit about ourselves and I went first. Slightly terrifying, since I had NO idea what to say other then "Hi, my name is Sorcha." That didn't last long, since the members started joking and saying suggestions. Some were real, such as what I could bring into the group and others were silly, like what bribes I could bring. I chose to answer the later and said I could cook, to which I heard someone say "We're keeping her for War!" Everyone laughed and it was easier to answer. I was given a belt token-thingy (not quite sure what it's REALLY called) and welcomed into the household. Ragna went next and it was then that our illumination works were remembered and shown to the household. They were stunned (while Ragna and I turned about five shades of red) and through the process the three of us (being myself, Ragna, and Luca) were welcomed in.

Order of the Keystone
Anyway, between that moment and court, I found myself occupying the little one and getting my exercise for the day. When the call came for court, I had to hand him over, which (like I said) didn't go over well. But regardless I made it up to the main room and into a chair. Court was entertaining, since their Majesties love to do silly things for court. The court theme was tennis apparently, since the Queen and the Baroness had ping-pong paddles and were hitting pieces of candy to each other. And the Heralds were passing the court sessions back and forth with the candy pieces. It was pretty entertaining. Their Majesties were giving out awards and at one point, they called me up. As I'm walking up I'm thinking "what on Earth could I have done?" The Queen is grinning like the Cheshire Cat and so is the King. They start talking about everything they have heard about me and had witnessed themselves. The Queen specifically mentioned that i watch their boy, and I turned about as red as the cushion I was kneeling on. Then they turned it over to the Herald and one of the Ladies read off my scroll. I kept glancing at the Queen, who kept smiling at me and giving me thumbs up. I had no clue what was going on. Then the Lady read that I was being inducted into the Order of the Keystone and I felt my eyes grow huge and an even bigger grin form on my face. A Keystone!

I was in a state of shock as the Queen gave me my medallion and she told the populace that she forgot to mention that I was helping Luca teach her how to fence. Then they handed me my scroll and had the Order stand. Holy moley were there a lot of them!!! I honestly don't think I came out of the shocked state until dinner, or shortly there after. I was never expecting a Keystone, ever. Seriously.

After court was finished, I went with Ragna and Duo to Pizza Hut for some warm food. As wonderful as the potluck food was, we REALLY didn't feel like eating it again for dinner. And then we went home and I proceeded to pass the heck out. Running after a little kid all day was a little bit more exhausting then it originally felt like. Ha ha.

That's all I have to report for now. Next event that I plan on being at will be Ice Dragon, unless by some wild chance I decide to go to White Hart. For now though, I must go and SLEEP. Being sick sucks, just for the record. Tootles!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year and all that Jazz

Well, it's certainly been a while since I've posted. Life has been crazy and slightly dull on occasion, so there really hasn't been much to report. I managed to survive finals week, a feat unto itself, and made it home for the holidays. Most of break so far has been spent working at Macy's (which is TONS of fun... not) or at home doing... home stuff. Which means farm work, for readers who don't already know.

The real fun of break happened when my friend and I took the CRV, packed up and road tripped it out to Philadelphia to see my boyfriend for New Years. =) Considering I haven't seen him since... fall, it was wonderful to see him again. It rained the ENTIRE drive up, which made things interesting on occasion, but we managed to find his house after a wonderful 5 hour drive. Our welcome included a bone crushing hug and the usual silliness. =]

We visited for a week, but it went by so fast it hardly seemed like it. We acted like tourists most of the time; visiting historic Phili and Valley Forge were two of many highlights of the trip. Being a history major, it was awesome to see two places that were hugely important to the Revolution. Seeing them with my boyfriend made them even better. There was also the Reading Terminal Market, which APPARENTLY is pronounced "Red-ing" and not "Reading." >.<

I got to meet my bf's family, mostly his dad's side. It was nerve-racking at first, but they were really nice and (eventually) I remembered to breathe and all was well. Still can't remember everyone's names, but I figure I have a little bit of time to figure it out. =p Also got to meet his grandmoms, both of whom were awesome to talk with. We spent some time with his dad and half-sister (who was adorable), which was fun. We spent a good bit with them at the Railroad museum and at Longwood gardens.

Random note: If you are ever in the Phili area near Christmas, TOTALLY go see Longwood Gardens. SO BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. As if the conservatory with all the flowers wasn't gorgeous enough, all the lights on the trees topped it off!

New Years was a ton of fun as well. More of our friends joined us and we had a blast. Had a few drinks (some had more then others; you know who you are) and watched the ball drop. Then we spent our 1st at the King of Prussia mall, which was mind boggling. Seriously felt like the Country Mouse visiting City Mouse in that place. And would have totally gotten lost in there if I had been alone. All in all, was tons of fun.

The ride home, not so much. Lets just say my hatred for snow has increased 50 million times over and I'm moving South at some point for the winter. Oh, and I'm TOTALLY taking the train next time =p

Thursday, November 17, 2011

[Insert Taz sounding Rant here]

So, if you couldn't guess from the title, I'm about ready to strangle people and have resorted to jumping up and down making Tasmanian Devil rants. What can I say? I grew up watching Looney Tunes. :)

I'll spare my readers the boredom of reading about why the people who have pissed me of have pissed me off, but suffice it to say this: PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN TO READ THEIR JOB DESCRIPTIONS!!!! Yes, someone has taken over my job, while making it look like they aren't. If this has ever happened to you, then you know that it is HIGHLY annoying and makes you want to blast the person apart with a blunderbust. Or something equally explosive.

To top it off, no one has bothered to speak up (except myself of course) to point out that the person is wrong, furthering my evidence that humanity is becoming mindless lemmings who desperately need to walk off their cliff and soon. This is annoying because other then two people that I personally know, I have no allies in this. Three people, sadly, are not the Spartan Army.

In other news, I actually got a semi-decent job now. At Macy's. Should prove to be fun. At least I'll be working with semi-intelligent adults now, instead of the high school gossip-girl crew from my previous job. My mother and I, well more so my mother, have started looking for a place for me to live and have found a possible house. Ironically, it's a house that I've admired for some time now but never knew was for sale. Funny what you can find on the internet, isn't it? Granted, it IS a mere ten minute walk through the woods, across a crick and up a hill to my mother's house. Still, for a first place, I'll take it.... provided I can save up the money..... lots of money...

ANYWAY, I need to get back to plotting Christmas presents for everyone. So till next time, Tootles!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Things That Make Me Smile

Considering that I haven't blogged in a while, I figured I would actually sit down and type something since I have a few spare minutes.

Two weeks ago (gosh it's been that long?) my boyfriend came out to visit for the weekend. It was a wonderful weekend, even if we did have to go feed the animals ;-) Since he came in during the week, he was able to join us at fencing practice and it was just like old times. Managed to get a few fights in against him, though (sadly) he won... most of the time. As usual. :-P

 We only had a few days together, and boy did they fly by. There never seems to be quite enough time, but we make it work. Surprise visits like yesterday make the long distance all worth while. Considering his job interview was on this half of the state, we managed to have a few hours together before he once again had to go back to the Kingdom of the East. Hopefully next week the company will tell him he can come home to AEthelmearc :-p which would be awesome for SO many reasons; some selfish and most practical.

There is so much more to talk about, but sadly I have reached the end of my free time for the day. Now it's off to work and band, then back to the job hunt and homework...not sure which one is more tedious. Till next time: Tootles!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So as I'm sitting here trying to concentrate on work (that REALLY needs done), I find myself unable to focus. Solution: BLOGGING!... and Sims, but that's a bonus. Reason for being unable to focus: well, there are multiple. The main one would be that someone very dear to me is visiting in less then 24 hours (no, I don't have an exact countdown going yet). This day seriously can't go fast enough. The other reason is a little harder to explain, so therefore I'm not going to, mainly because I feel like I have ADD at the-oh look a butterfly!

As for what I SHOULD be doing: there are many things. Those blasted papers haven't written themselves yet, so I need to finish that project soon. Also, I should be working on something for my sponsor in Northern Cross, though that has gotten bumped down on the list due to the papers. And then there's that music comp test I should be studying for. :P That one will actually be finished soon, since that is what I was doing prior to starting this blog.

In other news....well, surprisingly there hasn't been much other news to report, ergo no new blogs up till this point. Football team lost last weekend due to shitty playing and bad calls (or rather, lack of calls) from the refs. Seriously, wtf? But I won't bore you with that, considering at least three of you have already listened to that rant and/or were at the game with me when it happened.

Well, honestly I can feel my focus slipping (again) and feel like I should go do something productive...or rather try to. So till next time- tootles y'all!